Oppenheimer - 2023

Oppenheimer - 2023

After years of faithfully filling in the supporting cast for director Christopher Nolan, Irish actor Cillian Murphy is finally set to take centre stage with the film, 'Oppenheimer'. Since first getting his hand on the script in Nolan's Dublin hotel room to sinking into the narrow silhouette of J Robert Oppenheimer, the journey has been a 'dream', said Cillian in an exclusive statement to ETimes. As he gears up to present to the world a film about the charismatic and controversial theoretical physicist who helped create the atomic bomb, the actor got candid about working on the new Nolan film with an all-star cast, his experience watching the film on the IMAX screen and why this Oscar-favourite will resonate with everyone.

Oppenheimer's story resonates and connects with us all - There's a universality to it that people connect to. People understand the themes that are in this movie. There are big questions being asked of the audience, and no answers being given – which I think is always excellent filmmaking. But it's also a thriller and a love story, and to me, there are elements of horror in there as well. So, all that just resonates with an audience. And I think the period setting, however familiar or not you may be with what happened in 1945, will wrap you up in it too. This movie grabs you by the throat from the beginning, and you just don't take a breath from start to finish. We are now living in a nuclear age because of what happened then. I mean, Oppenheimer changed the world, and we are living with the fallout of that event ever since.

It features a starry cast including Emily Blunt as Kitty Oppenheimer, Matt Damon as the man who hired Oppenheimer for the job at Los Alamos, Robert Downey Jr as a founder of the Atomic Energy Commission and many more rounding out the pivotal players in and around this tense moment that changed the course of history.

Oppenheimer', which is rooted in historical facts and actual transcripts, releases in theatres on July 21

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