Medusa Deluxe-2023

Medusa Deluxe-2023

Medusa Deluxe is a 2022 British murder mystery film directed by Thomas Hardiman, starring Clare Perkins, Anita-Joy Uwajeh, Kae Alexander, Harriet Webb, Darrell D'Silva, Luke Pasqualino and Heider Ali. A murder mystery set in a competitive hairdressing contest. Extravagance and excess collide, as the death of a contestant sows seeds of division in a community whose passion for hair verges on obsession.

Thomas Hardiman has made his feature-length debut with Medusa Deluxe, a British murder mystery taking place in the novel setting of a regional hairdressing competition. The feature, which admittedly lacks moments of genuine narrative interest, with slipshod acting at times, remains an intriguing approach to a well-worn path of storytelling.

The film features a cast of characters, each more stereotypical than the last, the beyond-camp lover of Mosca Angel, the aggressive south London hair stylist Cleve and her African-heritage God-fearing counterpart Divine, the motherly, no-nonsense overweight stylist Kendra, and a silver foxed salon owner Rene. Not to mention the clumsy soft-spoken model Angie. Medusa Deluxe is admittedly starless, perhaps intentionally, but it, therefore, suffers from acting beyond the level of Cleve actor Clare Perkins’ Eastenders fame, assuming the overall quality of an amateur drama troupe production. Darrell D’Silva, who plays Rene, occasionally ventures into moments of genuine emotion and stress before suddenly slipping into Ricky Tomlinson in The Royal Family.

The film premiered at the Locarno Festival on 6 August 2022. Prior to, Mubi and A24 acquired distribution rights in the United Kingdom, United States, and other territories. It was released in the United Kingdom on 9 June 2023, and is scheduled to be released in the United States on 11 August 2023 On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 93% based on 145 reviews, with an average rating of 6.60/10. The critics consensus says: "A uniquely stylish whodunit, Medusa Deluxe positions debuting director/co-writer Thomas Hardiman as a talented filmmaker with exciting potential"

Medusa Deluxe is a 2022 British murder mystery film. It was released in the United Kingdom on 9 June 2023and is scheduled to be released in the United States on 11 August 2023.

‘Medusa Deluxe’ movie review: a dazzling cut with several loose strands of plot.

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