Man Cries Non-Stop To Achieve World Record

Man Cries Non-Stop To Achieve World Record

People across the world do all sorts of unique and crazy things to get their names registered in record books. Aiming for the same, a man in Nigeria forced himself to cry for seven days hoping to break the Guinness World record. According toBBC, Tembu Ebere lost some of his vision as he tried to cry nonstop for a whole week in a tear-shedding world record attempt. As a result, he suffered headaches, a swollen face, and puffy eyes before going partially blind for 45 minutes. ​”I had to restrategize and reduce my wailing,” Ebere told the outlet, adding that he was determined to complete his tear-jerker — even though he has not applied to GWR so it would not count.

However, he isn't the only record-breaker in the West African nation, with many Nigerians attempting to break records as the crazy sweeps the country. In another instance, a chef called Hilda Baci in May attempted to cook continuously for 100 hours to “put Nigerian cuisine on the map”. Celebrities and even the country's vice president cheered her on, amd flooded ​the official website guinnessworldrecords.com, which crashed for two days, the Telegraph reported. The 26-year-old managed to cook for 93 hours and 11 minutes and managed to break a previous cooking marathon record set in India in 2019.

Another schoolteacher, John Obot, ​told the BBC he will try to spend 140 hours reading classic literature aloud in September. ''The motivation is to promote reading culture in Nigeria,'' said the school teacher, who says he wanted to attempt a 'record that is meaningful'. Farominiyi Kemi, who attempted to make the most puff-puffs, a local desert, twice said, ''Nigerians are funny people and we tend to ride on the wave of whatever is happening at the moment. In less than three months the craze would die down.'' GWR has urged Nigerians to be careful with their crazy attempts and advised people to register or risk their records not being recognized.

Tembu Ebere lost some of his vision as he tried to cry non-stop for a whole week in a tear-shedding world record attempt.

Man Cries Non-Stop For 7 Days To Achieve World Record, Goes Blind Temporarily.

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