How Many Varieties Of Salt Do You Have

Salt is the key ingredient in food. The amount of salt that you add while cooking can make or break the dish. The add salt to taste is a phrase which is easier said than done, and we all agree to this.

Salt remains one of the most celebrated ingredients in cooking, especially in Indian cooking, says celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar.

Including a variety of salts in diet can help in maintaining electrolyte balance, reducing cramping and bloating, and preventing indigestion.

Using these variety of salts we get following kinds of benefits: Help in maintaining electrolyte balance, Reduce cramping and bloating, Help in keeping the nerves strong and help in reducing digestion problems.

Different kinds of salt can be used for cooking different kinds of foods. 1. Saindhava or saindha namak or rock salt, 2. Samudra or sea salt or jada namak. 3. Suvarchala or black salt or kala namak. 4. Vida and romaka variety of salts are usually used fo

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