airline in world to fly plane over North pole

Air India on Sunday become the 19th airline in the world to fly its plane over the North Pole. Flight no AI-176, steered by all-women cockpit crew achieved this historic feat.

It was only once in August 2019 that an aircraft by an Indian Airline flew over the North Pole. That was a validation flight by Air India aimed at proving to various regulators its prowess to fly over the the northernmost point on the planet.

Air India becomes 19th airline in world to fly plane over North pole

Executive Director of Flight Safety, Capt. Nivedita Bhasin. Bhasin already has her name etched in Indian aviation history books.

When she was just 26 years, became the youngest women pilot in the world to fly a Boeing 737. She also flew the Second Dreamliner flight from Charleston in the US to India.

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