Viral on social media, Man Fakes His Own Kidnapping To Get Out Of Work

Most people would jump at the chance to skip a day of work, but one man in Arizona went to extreme lengths. Police in the city of Coolidge have said that a 19 year old faked his own kidnapping to getout of work.

Police say they found Brandon Soules, 19, with his hands tied behind his back and a bandana stuffed in his mouth on February 10. A photo of the teen, released by police, has gone viral on social media.

Further investigation of the incident revealed several inconsistencies in Mr Soules s account of his kidnapping.

Mr Soules initially told cops that two masked men had kidnapped him, hit his head and knocked him unconscious. He said the men drove him around in a vehicle before dumping him in the area where he was found.

An extensive investigation was conducted by Coolidge detectives and evidence was discovered showing his story was fabricated and no kidnapping or assault occurred, said in a statement by Coolidge Police Department.

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